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Plant-Based Ingredients WHY?

Nature’s Companion is committed to using plant based ingredients because

we feel that nature’s gifts are truly an expression of the love of our creator. We make no apologies for leveraging the benefits of oils and extracts to make products that go on our skin, wash and conditions our hair, boost growth and facilitate moisture for our hands, face, lips, eye lashes, eyebrows, nails, you name it.

Esters and harmful chemicals such as sulfates, acids and others have been known to have devastating health implications for humans and our furry friends. That is why we make products with ingredients that truly deliver the best results for our customers.

For customers who care about their overall health and realize that our everyday choices ultimately have either a positive or negative effect on us. We are committed to providing you with the best products. Visit us on our website

>Supplements >Shampoos >Non-Toxic Fruit & Vegetable Wash >Dog Shampoo

>Body & Hair Oils >Conditioners >Body Cleanser

by: A. Garcia

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