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“RN Approved”What Does this Symbol Mean?

All products with the Nature’s Companion Logo also have the RN Approved symbol what does this mean?

We are glad you asked. The RN Approved symbol means that these products have met the very high standards established by our founder and CEO, a registered nurse with more than a decade of experience who desired to provide products that enhanced the health of our customers.

Our founder envisioned providing products that are made in facilities that have met acceptable standards and products made with ingredients that cause no harm to overall health. We fundamentally believe that if you put something on your body or in your body it must be something that will enhance your health not hinder it.

For years most of the soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, supplements, household cleaners and the like were made with very toxic ingredients that contributed to unfavorable health outcomes for the users. At Nature’s Companion we wanted to change this and committed to the mission of finding reputable manufacturers and products that deliver results that were also hea lthy and non toxic.

That is the reason why all our shampoos will not cause adverse eye irritation or skin irritation, you can wash yo ur hair all the way to your toes with our shampoos and shower gels. We advocate using essential and natural oils to lock in moisture ins tead of lotions that are made with synthetic ingredients and harmful chemicals.

We provide vitamins and supplements that foster improved health and ensure that our fruits and vegetables are washed not just rinsed so that all the carcinogenic ingredients ar eremoved before we give it to our family. We go a step further by ensuring that our furry friends are washed with the most natural shampoo that not only helps them to be clean but a secret ingredient that helps to promote healthy coat and healthy skin, red ucing itching and abrasions.

So, RN Approved means the products we provide are endorsed by Registered Nurses who are committed to health of all of us.

by: Your Friends @ Nature's Companion

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